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Interview: Samuel Marec, Slovakia's prominent blogger
When You Are a Blogger - Influence Is Your Salary
You need to be unique and persistent. You should be honest to yourself and your audience. You need to be accurate, reliable, because you only have one reputation. If it's gone, you're done... >>


Wimbledon 2013
Murray brought the title back home
Andy had squandered three match points before winning the championship when the Serbian netted a backhand, sparking wild celebrations among the 15,000 people in the crowd. The 26-year-old player, who held his trophy aloft and kissed it, said: "That was one of the toughest moments. Today was (an) unbelievably tough match"... >>


Review: Iron Man 3
The End of a Trilogy?
Iron Man 3 is sweeping off the box offices all over the world, teaching viewers that one needs to embrace who he or she truly is, while, in the same time, leaving everybody with a big question: has the world seen the last of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark aka Iron Man?... >>

Culture & Arts

TEDx Global Music Project
Young musicians on the world stage
Do you like good music? If the answer is yes, then TEDx Global Music Project is the right place for you. Set up by TEDx license holders from around the world, just like TED Open Translation Project expanded the influence of TED and TEDx speeches, this project was also made to present to a wide audience various musicians from around the world who have been performing on TEDx conferences... >>

Roger Ebert Obituary
Two thumbs up for Mr. Ebert
He revolutionized the world of movies and television and he was the first movie critic to receive a Pulitzer Prize, in 1975, for the reviews he did for The Chicago Sun-Times. Twenty years later he was the first movie critic to receive an honour deemed for some of the best celebrities in the world: his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame... >>

Moldavian "war literature" examples
The Second World War in songs
Who is interested in singing war songs? Is it really "prestigious" and "trendy" for young people to be involved in such kind of activities? After visiting the gala-concert "Victory-68" which lasted more than three hours and were mostly attended by students and children, the belief that history isn't just a formality for at least some young people became stronger... >>


Margaret Thatcher Obituary
Goodbye to the Iron Lady
Margaret Thatcher, died on April 8, 2013, was not only the first female Prime Minister of UK, opening doors for other such women to take up strong positions in political life, not only in Great Britain, but also around the world. She was also the woman whose convictions gained a named and survived her: Thatcherism... >>

Science & Tech

UN’s new treaty on mercury
A breakthrough opportunity for reduction of mercury globally
Representatives of more than 140 nations have recently approved a new treaty to reduce the use and release of mercury worldwide and minimise its negative effects on the environment and human health. But what does this agreement exactly mean? And what type of measures will it force governments and companies to implement?... >>

Strategic moves by Microsoft
Goodbye MSN Messenger and Hotmail, Hello Skype and
Recently, Microsoft ended its instant messaging system MSN Messenger and merged it with Skype. This was a move that could be predicted since Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011. What people didn't expect, though, is that Google Talk would start to appear in Microsoft products after the merge... >>


Business and human rights
The Triple Bottom Line
Whether they like it or not, transnational corporations are well known for their systematic violation of human rights. Think of the severe water shortages created by Coca-Cola in several states in India, the human rights abuses in Nigeria fuelled by Shell, or the labour exploitation that characterises the fashion industry. Of course, in the last years the international community has been taking action to tackle unethical business practices; however, the tragic events in Bangladesh have proven that the instruments and agreements currently in place are not enough to make corporations accountable for their misconduct... >>

Carbon Tracker's report
The Carbon Bubble: how to prevent the next economic crisis
In 2010, the United Nations climate change conference agreed that our current carbon emissions needed to be reduced if we wanted to avoid a rise of the global average temperature of more than 2oC above pre-industrial levels. The world's reserves clearly exceed the amount of coal, oil and gas we are allowed to use if we want to meet that goal. Even so, private companies and states continue investing in these industries. But what would happen if these reserves could not be burnt? This is what the analysts and environmentalists from Carbon Tracker have called the carbon bubble... >>

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